Solar HCPV

Highly Concentrated Photo Voltaic System

The revolutionary Sunflower™ highly concentrated photo voltaic (HCPV) system is the world’s only CPV solution that can be installed on the field, on any rooftop or on a carport. Sunflower integrates ultra high efficiency modules, advanced tracking, micro-converter technology, wireless communication and built-in performance monitoring into one elegant turnkey solution. Sunflower produces cost-competitive solar power with the lowest installation and maintenance costs in the industry.

Why Concentrated PV?

In bright sunny locations, CPV systems use less land and have a lower cost
of energy than comparable PV or Thin Film installations. These important CPV advantages enable better land use, higher energy production, and ultimately greater return on your solar investment.

Sunflower Technology

Measuring less than seven feet in overall height, Sunflower’s single module tracker creates a low profile design that is aesthetically appealing. Through the combination of Sunflower’s 30% efficiency, 2-axis tracking and superior temperature performance, a 30% increase in annual electricity production can be expected over traditional 33º tilt PV systems (installed Watts). For carports and rooftops, where PV tilt is only 5º, Sunflower’s annual kWh production ratio can be as much as 40% higher than traditional silicon PV.

High Concentration & Industry-Leading Efficiency 30%

While most CPV systems concentrate the sun only 500:1, Sunflower advanced HCPV modules concentrate the sun 1,200:1. 500 sun CPV systems require 2.4 times the amount of expensive multi-junction cell material giving Sunflower a substantial cost advantage. In addition, Sunflower high concentration modules achieve a world-leading 30% aperture efficiency, nearly double that of the typical PV panel.

Superior High Temperature Performance

Sunflower’s CPV technology is better suited than silicon PV in sunny, high ambient temperature locations. This is because Sunflower uses heat resistant Gallium Arsenide based multijunction cells and not silicon PV. Silicon based PV panels lose 0.5% of their rated power for every degree Celsius they increase over their 25ºC rating temperature. Once on sun, operating temperatures can reach up to 75ºC causing traditional PV panels to lose 20 to 25% of their rated power. Sunflower’s heat tolerant multijunction Gallium Arsenide cells lose only 5% of their rated power under these same conditions. This important difference gives Sunflower a significant energy harvest advantage in these hot sunny locations.

PowerPort TM Carport

The PowerPort family of products is based on standardized carport sections that are designed for any number of compact-car, handicapped and standard parking spaces. PowerPort mounts Sunflower›s unique single module tracking system on a standard carport roof-structure to save weight, installation time and money. PowerPort was designed from the ground up with building codes in mind. Currently PowerPort complies with all relevant California codes for wind-load and earthquake resistance. PowerPort is shipped as a standard product in sub-sections that can be assembled onsite quickly and easily.

Rooftop Installations

Weighing less than four (4) lbs per square foot (less than 19 kg/m2), the Sunflower HCPV system is an ideal solution to improve energy production on tight roof spaces. Sunflower›s roof-mount is non-penetrating and can be adapted to any roof surface and joist spacing. Sunflower›s mounting structure provides a deck clearance of 27 inches (70 cm) which clears most roof obstacles such as skylights, conduits and HVAC lines allowing for ease of installation and higher power density.

Field Installed System

The Sunflower mounting system employs a unique «spaceframe » structure that assembles in minutes with simple wrenches. It is self-ballasting and requires no concrete footings or foundations of any kind. This construction-friendly design requires minimal installation training and allows for large construction tolerances, simplifying installation and reducing costs. Upon initial system startup, Sunflower›s control software conducts a self-calibration function that locates the sun and calibrates out any installation errors. This simplifies installation and reduces labor costs, making Sunflower the lowest installed cost CPV system in the industry.

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