Solar Thermal AC’s

IAN Air Conditioning

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

  • Energy-Saving, high efficiency, green & ecc-friendly

  • High photothermic exchanging efficiency

  • Reliable & durable

  • Strong environmental adoptability

  • Mute running

<h2>Vacuum Tube Type</h2>

Vacuum Tube Type

<h2>Flat Plate Type</h2>

Flat Plate Type

Wall Mounted Type

Main Features

• World famous brand compressors, high reliability and long-lived.
• Digital LED display.
• Multi-fold heat exchanger. high quality internal thread copper pipe and hydrophylic aluminium foil make the cooling capacity stronger.
• Anti dust air filter makes air fresher.
• Digital e-Touch, convenient and electricity saving, easier operation for elder people and kids, Flourescent button, visible at night. 
• Intelligent defrosting


Floor Standing Type

Main Features

• World famous brand compressors.
• Bigger capacity for cooling/heating.
• Wide angle distanced air flow to ensure every corner is comfortable.
• LED display, colorful and shining.
• Digital dehumidify makes the air dry in mouldy season.
• Multi-protection functions.

Cassette Type

Main Features

• Compact design, easy for installation.
• Three-dimensional equal airflow design.
• Turbofan runs in silence.
• Movable grids convenience for clearing and maintenance.
• High lift pump for water-exhaust system.

Trinity System

Pressured Type

Our trinity system combines solar air conditioner technology, air source heat pump technology and pressured split solar heater technology into one system, it supplies cooling and heating air in summer and winter and hot water for all year long. It is energy-saving and eco-friendly.

Unpressured Type

Main Features

• Air conditioner system saves 30%-50% electricity.
• Air conditioner system runs in extreme hard conditions: from -15 to 55 centigrade.
• Offers you a suitable indoor environment and keeps you away from air condition disease.
• Air source heat pump saves 70% and more electricity for heating water.
• When air conditioner system is on, you can get hot water for free.
• Unpressured system gives endless comfort and safety.
• Endless hot water and no need to wait.

100% Solar Air Conditioner

Main Features

• Adopt DC power, then the solar power, wind power can directly supply the machine.
• Adopt low voltage power to drive all the electric parts, compressor driven by special CUP, infinite variable speed, high efficiency, rotating speed automatically adjusted according to temperature.
• (Option): Adopt Solar and wind priority, when solar or wind is enough, then use solar or wind power. On the other hand, possible to use other electric to supply.

Solar Swimming Pool Heat Pump


1.Swimming Pool
4.Sand Filter Pool
5.Awimming Pool Heat Pump
6.Solar Panel

Duct Type


• Ultra quiet design.
• Compact design.
• Flexible and convenient for installation.
• International and famous brand compressor.
• High efficient heat exchanger.
• Advanced micro-computer control.
• Rotary or scroll compressor depending on capacity.
• Multi-safety protection function.
• Cooling capabilities from 5.0 kW to 15.0 kW.
• 220v / 1ph / 50hz / 60hz or 380V / 3ph / 50hz / 60hz power supply.

Floor Ceiling Type

Main Features

• Saving space
• Auto flap function is a standard feature which provides optimum airflow during heating or cooling operation.
• Quiet operation.
• Multi air duct multi fan design
• Wide angle airflow in three dimensions.
• Long life & high efficiency air purifying.
• Powerful dehumidification.
• The maintenance space required is smaller.
• Easy to overhang.

DC Inverter Type Solar Air Conditioner

Main Features

• High EER index. For stable frequency air conditioner in this system our EER can be with 5.3 which means saving above 60% of the energy and the Energy efficiency surpassed national level 1.
• One outdoor unit can be connected with 2 indoor units which means higher energy saving rate.
• Adopt high quality and advanced Panasonic DC inverter compressor.
• Remote control and easy installation.
• Heating and cooling & cooling only functions.
• Our solar air conditioner can provide with frequency 50hz/60hz, refrigerant R410a Voltage 110v-380v.
• CE, ROHS and SAA certification.
• Quiet and Environment protection.
• Super luxurious appearance and LED display.
• OEM Service and Sample offered.
• DC inverter solar air conditioner can run smoothly at -10degrees C to 55 degrees C.
• Precise temperature control with +_0.5 degrees C from setting temperature.

Duct Type Solar Central Air Conditioner


• Facilitate 24 hour solar power driven air conditioning for cooling, heating and domestic hot water with built-in thermal energy storage.
• To use exhaust heat, natural gas, and process gas to operate or supplement heating and cooling.
• Efficiency of over 45%, 4 times the energy density of conventional solar water heater collectors.
• Use R410A as refrigerant without damaging the environment.
• Electricity saving is 417kWh/m2/year.
• CO2 emission reduction is 370kg/m2.

On Grid DC Inverter Solar Air Conditioner

On a Sunny day, the Solar Panel together with the grid provides power to the air conditioner for starting it. Once the air conditioner is running stable, it can run from the power provided by the solar panel alone and without the electricity from the grid. When the air conditioner is stopped, the solar panel continues to provide electricity to the grid and save electricity cost.

On a cloudy day or during the night, the air conditioner automatically switches to electric power On Grid DC Inverter Solar Air conditioner works on leading edge technology.