Intelligent LED Celling Light


Widely used in bedrooms, hotel rooms, smart dining rooms, etc


  • The dedicated design combined the LED lightning with quality speaker making the ceiling LED lamp intelligent.
  • The lightning mode and brightness can be adjusted by the controller.
  • The music from your Bluetooth connected digital devices (Mobile phone, computer, iPad, etc)




Widely used in gardens, courtyards, farms, etc for anti-mosquito.


  • Solar power, energy saving. No pre-buried cable, easy installation
  • High efficiency, make outdoor pest die out
  • TP-Solar Semi-flexible Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel: The lifespan is longer than 15 years
  • Battery: Special for Solar Battery
  • Pole:Superb carbon steel pole coated with hot-dip zinc and static apray treatment, anti-salted, anti-acid, weather and rust resistant
  • Work time: Light Control Automatically. The LED light turns on at a dark in full brightness 6 hours then turns off. It works 3-4 cloudy and rainy days.





Widely used in gardens, squares, residential areas, industrial areas, urban and rural roads, etc.


  • TP-Solar Semi Flexible Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel: The lifespan is longer than 15 years.
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lead-acid Storage Battery.
  • Light Source: White LED Main light and RGB-LED in the top
  • Controller: Remote Control, Light Control, Time Control, Anti-overdischarge and  Short-circuit Resistance.
  • Pole: Aluminium alloy pole powder-coated with electrostatic spray for anti-salted, anti-acid,weather and rust resistant.
  • intelligent Controller: Remote Centralized Control Monitoring and Smart Handheld Remote Controller that reads and sets up the work time, work style, brightness of main and decorating light to control the run of light on the spot. Moreover, it shows the voltage and current of solar panel and battery.
  • Work Time: Light Control Automatically. The main LED light turns on at dark in full brightness firstly and 4 hours later, it works semi-bright at next dawn automatically. The Decorating lights work in full brightness firstly and 4 hours later, they turn off automatically. It works 3-5 cloudy and rainy days




Widely used in gardens, squares, residential areas,etc

The flexible a-si solar panel was loaded on the seat top, it transfers solar to 220V AC power, easy to charge the digital products such as laptop, pocket computer, mobile, etc. It is convenient and relaxing.

  • Flexible Solar Panel: TP- solar A-Si flexible solar panel; Max power: 54w+15%; Lifetime: more than 15 years.
  • Battery: Solar specific battery, 12V/40Ah.
  • Light Source: LED white source bulb lamp; Power: 2W; color temperature: 4300K~5500K.
  • Controller: Specific  controller, timer and light control, anti-overcharge,anti-overdischarge, anti-short circuit, LED driver, integrated design, Protection class: IP 65
  • Input power of inverter: 150w/AC 220V, modified sine wave.
  • Shell material: Galss steel (car paint)/metal
  • tolerance of working temperature: 20C~60C
  • Total height: 2.2 meters
  • Working time: Light controlled automatic: full lightning before 4 hours, then 1/3 lightning next 4 hours. Works for 5-7 rainy days






 Our Portable solar chargers have been designed for catering the needs of the people who like light travel, outdoor activities and are on business trips frequently.


  • Flexible, Portable, Light Weight and High Efficiency.
  • Unique and Advanced Design, Beautiful and Fashionable Form and easy and simple operation
  • Anti-aging and high and low temperature Resistant
  • Green, Pink, Blue and Purple color are available






Widely used in travel, tourism, long-distance travel and outdoor activities, and for standby power for other electronic products.


  • Flexible, portable and lightweight (just 1/2 weight of crystal silicom)
  • Anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-corrosion and anti-aging
  • Waterproof, moisture proof and high and low temperature resistant

It is easy to fold and quite suitable for individual and outdoor activities by supplying solar power to handheld radio, satellite communication devices, surveying instruments, etc. We can design different power voltage and current according to clients' requirements in the hope of reducing the cost and updating functions